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Why I perform abortions: A Christian obstetrician explains his choices

"A. It forces women to take into account the sensibility of people who don’t have firsthand information about what the circumstances are in that woman’s life. It creates a duty and obligation for a woman to make her decision in a time frame acceptable to people other than herself. That time frame may or may not be realistic, and it fails to take into account the complexity of decision-making when it comes to abortion.

As people sit around, and theorize and debate about what should be a reasonable or common ground, the voices of the people who are most affected by this decision are lost. They aren’t represented in these dialogues. Their specific realities don’t count.”

Go read this immediately.

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Utterly, completely fantastic.

March For Life 2012 at the Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC, gets mic-checked.

I like the guy at 6:30 who exercises a little Christian love and assaults one of the protesters.  

I also enjoy the inherent hypocrisy of chastising protesters for showing up at this rally when the anti-choice crowd sees it as a point of pride to harass women outside of clinics.

(And a point of note: women aren’t the only ones who need access to abortion and reproductive healthcare.)

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Why does anyone like Ron Paul?

What a brilliant question.

I have no idea, particularly considering the wealth of evidence that proves he’s a terrible candidate.

The Ron Paul People I know are almost all straight, single, relatively young, non-religious, white men. Available demographics suggest that this is an accurate picture; there are others in Ron Paul’s camp, but it’s basically youngish white men.

They do not consider themselves to be Democrats or Republicans. Some of them hate the idea of rules, many of them hate the idea of having their money taken away in taxes, but none of them are stupid or without the resources to learn more about their candidate. And none seem to care about any of Ron Paul’s policies outside of cutting spending, regulations, and taxes.

Every Ron Paul Person I know comes out of the woodwork any time anything negative is said about the guy, no matter how true the statement and no matter how much that individual disagrees with Ron Paul’s position or behavior. I get the sense that libertarians are so excited to have someone on the national stage that they don’t want to see anything problematic with the guy, but he’s transparently a bad deal.

So, why are these people supporting a crazy, racist Christian fundamentalist?

ETA: The Paulites apparently don’t realize this is a link to an article that quite succinctly compiles all the evidence that Ron Paul is a Bad Deal.

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