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Utterly, completely fantastic.

March For Life 2012 at the Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC, gets mic-checked.

I like the guy at 6:30 who exercises a little Christian love and assaults one of the protesters.  

I also enjoy the inherent hypocrisy of chastising protesters for showing up at this rally when the anti-choice crowd sees it as a point of pride to harass women outside of clinics.

(And a point of note: women aren’t the only ones who need access to abortion and reproductive healthcare.)

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Fuck you, Ron Paul. FUCK YOU.






Go ahead and vote for this racist misogynist if you are cool with him appointing someone to the SCOTUS. People can claim all they want that he likes to leave things up to the states (you know, to discriminate, outlaw abortion, etc.) but one cannot deny that if this fucker becomes President (which he won’t), he would have a pretty damn good chance to affect the lives of everyday Americans for DECADES via the appointment of a justice to SCOTUS.

Even though I find fault with Obama, I am forever and always thankful for Sotomayor and Kagan and I SHUDDER at the thought of who would be in their places if McCain had won the 2008 election. I can’t even being to process that alternative.

How about fuck whoever posted this bullshit thing that says “fuck Ron Paul”? Ron Paul is going to be a great change for this country. Even if he doesn’t win, the amount of support he will get will send a necessary and resounding message: that the people want liberty.

The only people who don’t like Ron Paul are people who don’t understand what he talks about. If anyone with half a brain actually heard him speak on relevant issues, they’d have no choice but to agree with him.

I’m too lazy right now to attack this person with all the necessary eloquence, but it is ignorance such as this which marks the end of America.

Oh, goody. I can’t wait until you aren’t feeling too lazy. Because there’s NOTHING like listening to a Ron Paulite go on and on about their savior, even as their savior is releasing anti-choice ads and reminding me over and over and over again how many fucks he could give about me (it’s NONE, by the way). 

So, fuck you very much. You’ve thoroughly convinced me of nothing. Hope to never hear from you again. 

Alrighty, here’s a small dose of Common Sense for Idiots

  1. the reason for this pro-life ad is because of the more conservative Republicans. Generally they don’t like Ron Paul because of his stance on war and drugs. He released this ad to appeal to them, DUH
  2. since Dr. Paul is pro-liberty, it really doesn’t really “matter” what his personal view on abortion is, since he would not enforce it because his anti-big government belief is the most important of all his values
  3. I hate dumb Tumblr fucks who act like abortion and gay marriage are the most important “issues”. They are non-issues. Our national debt is over 15 trillion dollars, the value of our dollar is continually falling, half the population doesn’t pay income tax, the cost of education is on the rise, our military spending is through the roof, and you people bitch night and day about feminism and whether or not same-sex couples should marry? Are you fucking kidding me?

If you don’t see the DIRECT connection between the economy and people’s access to safe, affordable reproductive health care, I’ve got nothing more to say to you.

“Non-issue.” Said like someone dripping with privilege. 

It’s only a ‘non-issue’ because they aren’t your rights, amirite? :D :D :D 

On a related note, Ta-Nehisi Coates did a beautiful write up about the cult of personality that’s sprung up around Ron Paul and how dangerous it is.  Well worth reading in its entirety:

I’ve thought a lot about Farrakhan, recently, watching Ron Paul’s backers twist themselves in knots to defend what they have now euphemistically label as “baggage.” I don’t think it makes much sense to try to rebut the charges here. No minds will be changed. 

Still let us remember that we are faced with a candidate who published racism under his name, defended that publication when it was convenient, and blamed it on ghost-writers when it wasn’t, whose take on the Civil War is at home with Lost-Causers, and whose take on the Civil Rights Act is at home with segregationists. Ostensibly this is all coincidence, or if it isn’t, it should be excused because Ron Paul is a lone voice speaking on the important issues that plague our nation.
I have heard this reasoning before. 

As surely as Ron Paul speaks to a real issue—the state’s broad use of violence and surveillance—which the America’s political leadership has failed to address, Farrakhan spoke to something real, something unsullied, which black America’s political leadership failed to address, Both Paul and Farrakhan, in their glamour, inspired the young, the disaffected, the disillusioned. 
To those who dimly perceived something wrong, something that could not be put on a placard, or could not move the party machine, men such as this become something more than political operators, they become symbols. Substantive charges against them, no matter the reasons, are dismissed. The movement they represent means more. But as sure as the followers of Farrakhan deserved more than UFOs, anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories, those of us who oppose the drug-war, who oppose the Patriot Act deserve better than Ron Paul 

Everyone deserves better than Ron Paul.  You don’t ‘create change’ by oppressing others.  Especially when his followers are saying things like:

I hope that when you’re out there wearing revealing clothes you get cornered by a rapist in a dark alley, and I hope that at that moment a stoned gay young white Christian man exercising his Second Amendment right will jump out with a gun and save your ass.

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